Chiping Hongtong Concrete Industry Co., Ltd.

Focus on ready-mixed concrete processing and sales

Chiping Hongtong Concrete Industry Co., Ltd. was established on April 10, 2007, located in the south of Cao Village in front of the revitalization office of Chiping County, with a registered capital of 18 million yuan and legal representative: Cao Guifeng. Its main business is processing and sales of ready-mixed commercial concrete. There are more than 60 employees, including 3 engineers, 5 assistant engineers, 15 technicians, 2 HZS60 mixers, 1 HZS90 mixer, 16 concrete mixing tankers and 1 pump truck. Net production capacity of 300000 cubic meters, can produce strength grade C10-C50 concrete. Since 2007, our company's main achievements: Xinfa Group's high-rise residential buildings, garage buildings, office buildings of Chiping Transportation Bureau, chiping Zhengtai Oriental Hotel, office buildings of Chiping Construction Bureau, three halls and one project of Chiping County, phase II project of Chiping Sewage Treatment Plant, high-rise residential buildings of Chiping Broadcasting Bureau, Chiping Feicui County, Urban New Village, Taoranju Community and other projects have achieved good economic and social benefits. The company will provide a solid guarantee for the development of the construction industry in Chiping with "integrity and win-win, serving the society!