Corporate Vision:
The growth process of "Zhonghai" brand is the process of "Zhonghai people" building brand with advanced corporate culture. "Zhonghai" brand is the successful work of corporate culture in market competition. It wins the market with the brand and consolidates the market with the brand. It is believed that the enterprising "Zhonghai people" will make more brilliant achievements in the future brand development.

Enterprise spirit: hard work and self-improvement
Enterprise spirit is the soul of enterprise culture, is the enterprise advocacy, employee identity, long-term promotion of enterprise development and growth of a powerful spiritual force.
Great ideals should be supported by spirit. "China sea people" fulfill their bounden duty of "serving the society and benefiting mankind". They are united and united. No matter when they are difficult, difficult or striving for development, their hearts are always burning with endless fire of hope.
Victory over the opponent, the strong will be proud of the world.

Values: running an enterprise to temper life
Correct beliefs make us from small to large, technology makes us better and better all the way, social responsibility makes us continue to be strong, quality shows character, and character creates quality.
The characteristics of "Zhonghai" corporate culture are: first, the policy is clear: adhere to the people-oriented, an enterprise employee-oriented; second, the connotation is clear: temper the spirit; make the all-round development of life, so that the overall promotion of employees. In China Sea, cultural power has become a new and ubiquitous human power in history.
Work in Zhonghai, dedication to Zhonghai has become the code of conduct for employees of enterprises. It is precisely because "Zhonghai people" constantly bring enthusiasm into Zhonghai and integrate youth into Zhonghai that Zhonghai can always emit vigorous vitality and have endless motivation in the principle of development.

Competition concept: natural selection survival of the fittest
Natural selection, survival of the fittest, in order to adapt to the general environment and the baptism of the general climate, China Shipping must comply with the trend of market development if it wants to develop. The market is ruthless. In order to win the initiative and remain invincible in the crisis-ridden and highly competitive market, the key is to strengthen its own construction, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, and strengthen the competitiveness of the enterprise.
"Heaven is healthy, a gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement." The brave "Zhonghai people" are not afraid of any difficulties and obstacles, face the market with a hundredfold confidence, overcome obstacles, and move forward bravely!