Group of industries

Subsidiaries of shandong zhonghai new materials group co., LTD. : shandong qijia construction technology co., LTD., chiping hongrun new building materials co., LTD., chiping fuxing real estate development co., LTD., chiping hongtong concrete industry co., LTD., and shandong shengchang auto parts co.,ltd .

Zhonghai New Materials

Shandong zhonghai new materials group co., LTD. Was founded in March 2011, is a production of new building decoration materials and carbon black production enterprises.

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Qijia Architectural

Shandong qijia construction technology co., ltd. is a professional company engaged in the design, production and installation of metal roofing, metal wall, prefabricated buildings and steel structure maintenance systems.

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Fuxing Real Estate

Strong technical force, with a complete development and construction management system, quality system, annual development capacity of more than 100,000 square meters.

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Hongtong Concrete Industry

Main operations: premixed commercial concrete processing, marketing. The main performance of the company: xin fa group high-rise residence, garage building, chiping traffic bureau office building, chiping zhengtai Oriental hotel, chiping broadcasting bureau high-rise residential building.

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Hongrun New Building Materials

The company has advanced production technology and equipment, complete auxiliary equipment, the whole process of production realizes microcomputer system control, accurate measurement, strong laboratory testing force.

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shandong shengchang auto parts

Shandong shengchang auto parts co., ltd. was established on March 28, 2017, mainly producing auto parts.

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