The guiding ideology of China Shipping Social Responsibility follows the concept of China Shipping Culture. The mission, vision and concept of China Shipping Social Responsibility are highly consistent with the mission, vision and values of China Shipping Corporate Culture. Integrity and compliance is the core value of China Shipping's corporate culture. China Shipping also put forward a series of responsibility culture concepts of fulfilling economic responsibility, employee responsibility, customer responsibility, partner responsibility, public responsibility and environmental responsibility to guide the practice of social responsibility.

China Shipping Social Responsibility Mission
Hand in hand to create a better life

China Shipping Social Responsibility Vision
Pursue development, strive to create a corporate image of "investor trust, employee love, social respect, and public praise", build China Shipping into a competitive enterprise, and realize the pursuit of profit.

concept of economic responsibility
Adhere to performance-oriented, the pursuit of balanced, comprehensive, high-quality performance;
Performance is the basic criterion for selecting, employing, evaluating and motivating people;
Performance does not compromise to hard work, and values do not compromise to performance.

Customer Responsibility Concept
Carefully safeguard the rights and interests of customers and consumers, strictly abide by business ethics, carry out fair competition, strive to provide more humanized products and services, constantly exceed the expectations of users, sincerely cooperate with customers, create value for customers, and grow together with customers.

public responsibility concept
Often with gratitude, efforts to give back to the community.

Employee Responsibility Concept
Strive to build a "simple, honest and sunny" organizational culture;
Be strict with managers and be kind to employees;
Respect the value of people, the development of human potential, sublimation of the human mind, to protect the rights and interests of employees, to achieve corporate value and employee value.

Supply chain responsibility concept
Join hands with partners for mutual benefit, common development and win-win cooperation.

Environmental Responsibility Concept
Not to sacrifice the environment for the cost of seeking enterprise development, not to sacrifice the long-term interests of the environment for the short-term benefits of enterprises;
do not seek profits without conscience at the expense of the health and lives of citizens, and do not seek the short-term glory of the enterprise at the expense of the brand.